It’s Rant Time

Okay I’m going to go on a rant right here and now. It fucking pisses me off how people ask me what music I listen to and I say “John Mayer” and they say “ERMAHGERD Y DO U LISTEN 2 HIM I HATE HIM SO MICH HE BROKE TAYLORS HEART HE IS SUCH A DICK!!!1!!1!!1!!”. Like seriously fucking keep it to yourself! People take offense to those comments! People like me see John as more than just a “Singer” and it hurts when people say shit about him. You don’t have to share these things. When you tell me “I like Taylor Swift” I don’t fucking judge you or tell you not to like her because of whatever. So, why tell me not to like John Mayer? Why is it even your problem? You shouldn’t care. Anyways, break-ups happen. People’s hearts get broken. It’s natural. There’s no need to go making a big fuss about it. Surely you’ve had your heart broken bu somebody before. Just because Taylor’s famous, it doesn’t mean her heartbreaks are any different to the heartbreaks YOU or your friend or your neighbour would go through. She is a human being just like us. People are supposed to get over heartbreaks. If you go carrying on about it, there’s no way she’ll ever get over it. In the end, what I’m saying is, whether I like John Mayer or you like Taylor Swift or not, it shouldn’t mean anything to anyone except for yourself. Meaning, the person who likes the artist. It’s not up to other people to force you to like or dislike a musician or ANYONE for that matter… Sorry if I offended anyone, but I was speaking the truth and the truth only. Thankyou. x

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